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        K9484-Red Color Laminate Flooring of Commercial Grade

        • K9484
        • Kentier


        Product Overview


        Aged oak with cathedral graining, knots and splits


        100% Waterproof for Life*


        Perfect for the whole home including kitchens and bathrooms


        Kentier Natural Oak is a beautifully crafted traditional, aged oak with soft cathedral graining. The occasional knots and splits enrich the overall rustic elements found in this décor. The embossed-in-register texture gives the flooring an authentic look and feel and the medium gloss level creates a subtle sophistication.


        10 mm thickness + 2 mm attached underlayment x 6.5 in. width x 47.83 in. length planks


        Planks have a pressed edge


        Attached 2 mm underlayment reduces sound and increases ease of installation


        Appropriate Grade for Installation: Above Grade, On Grade or Below Grade


        Can be installed over smooth, flat, dry surfaces: concrete, ceramic tile, vinyl and wood


        Approved for residential and light commercial use


        Lifetime limited residential and a 10-years limited light commercial warranty

        Color We have variety of colors to let customers to choose from
        Thickness  8mm/10mm/12mm
        Surface Treatment  Crystal/Embossed/EIR/Silk/Handscraped/High Gloss etc
        Wear Resistance   AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4, AC5 of standard EN 13329
        Size   Different kinds of sizes to satisfy customers
        Base Material  HDF/MDF
        Special Treatment  Waterproof of wax seal; Soundproof of EVA/IXPE
        Payment  30% deposit, the balance against B/L copy
        Delivery Time Within 45 days after receiving deposit

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