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        K1533-European Oak Engineered Flooring with ABCD Grade Top Veneer

        • K1533
        • Kentier

        GE1533 主

        Product Overview


        The floors are made of wood chosen for its outstanding character. Natural tones will give your interior a personal and nostalgic look. The floors undergo a weathering process to give them an amazing lived-in look. You would think they have been part of the house for generations. This flooring is perfect for use in a traditional styled interior. It can be used in combination with handmade vintage furniture or to complement new designs.


        Wood species: oak/maple/hickory/walnut


        Thickness: 12mm/14mm/15mm/18mm/20mm 

        Width: 127mm/150mm/190mm

        Length: 1210mm/1860mm(30% RL)


        Construction: Multi-layer Engineered Wood Flooring


        Prefinished Extra Rustic, White Oiled, Brushed, Scrubbed Knots, Hand Scraped, Edge Distressed


        Planks have T&G click or beveled edges


        Grade: AB/ABC/ABCD for top veneer


        Installation: Floating


        Residential or light commercial use


        25-year warranty

        Color We have variety of colors to let customers to choose from
        Thickness 12mm/12.5mm/14mm/15mm/18mm
        Surface Treatment  Smooth/Brush/Heavy brush/Handscraped etc
        Size  Common size: 1860*190/1200*127/2200*220
        Base Material Wood (oak, maple, walnut, hickory etc.)
        Click System  T&G and more
        Payment 30% deposit, the balance against B/L copy
        Delivery Time  Within 45 days after receiving deposit

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        Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, China
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