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        ABOUT US
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        Company Profile
        Kentier:Your Flooring Solution Partner
        Established in 2003,Kentier started with laminate flooring;
        In 2006,Kentier began to produce engineered flooring and merged Anhui Wanhua Artificial Board Co., Ltd,to produce HDF;
        In 2013,Kentier started to produce PVC&WPC flooring;
        In 2015,Kentier had a CBA basketball team—— Jiangsu Dragon;
        In 2016,Kentier opened a new production line -SPC flooring;
        In 2019,Kentier developed MgO series flooring to match bigger market.

        Till now,Kentier had more than 2000 distributors in domestic market, Kentier flooring is also hot sold in North American,Australian,European market.Real estate developers like Wanda Group,Evergrande Group,Country Garden hold a longtime relationship with Kentier,moreover, SHAW FLOORS,TRI-WEST LTD in US also import from Kentier for many years.

        Besides flooring business,Kentier Group also have other relative factories as following:
        Jiangsu Ousheng wood co.,ltd
        Anhui Risetech new material co.,ltd
        Jiangsu Silver Sea wood co.,ltd 
        Jiangsu Sengong Technology co.,ltd
        Anhui Wanhua Artificial Board co.,ltd 
        Jiangsu Congyi Home Furniture Holding company

        For leading flooring manufacturing in China,Kentier becomes professional flooring solution supplier. You are available with Vinyl flooring,Engineered flooring,Laminate flooring and MgO flooring.Moreover,in order to control quality and cost,we had individual workshop for print film and wearing layer to fulfill raw material checking system.At the same time we pay attention to sports and charity career,we already had own invested CBA basketball team.

        We are continually expanding product profile and the services we offer,so our clients benefit from flooring solution when they choose Kentier.



        About Us

        Contact Us

        Add:NO.88 Development Road,
        Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, China
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